StoryStream at Simon’s

10/2/19 Simon Yu is one of the originals in Boston’s coffee scene. His coffee shops, “Simon’s”, at Harvard, and “Nine-Bar” in Davis Square, pour some of the best coffee in the area. He’s a true local, and part of the neighborhood culture–you won’t get served a corporate identity at Simon’s. And being so close to Harvard and Tufts Universities, you never know who’ll be sitting at the next table.

Over the years, Simon has been a strong supporter of local roasters and specialty coffee in Boston. He has featured George Howell Coffee, Gracenote, Barismo, and many others. In fact, most craft roasters in the Boston area have found a place at Simon’s.

And now Simon is helping us. Our Peace River Coffee “Herrera,” is up on the shelf at Simon’s. Each bag has a bar code on the front label, serving as an entry point into our corresponding Herrera StoryStream. There we have new stories popping up each day like a Facebook feed — some about Herrera coffee farmers, some about coffee — one post highlights the local students in Ibagué, Tolima, down in Colombia, marching in the Global Climate Strike last week.

Yesterday I stopped by the shop and Simon said, “We need a way to let people know they should scan the bags. They only do it if I tell them.”

So today I’m back at Simon’s. I’ve just added the small cards shown in the image above, with a few words about StoryStream and instructions on how to scan the bags.

Now I’m sitting at one of the tables, working on my blog, blending in. But I’m also watching customers scan our Peace River Coffee bags. Someone just bought a bag; as he was leaving I asked, ‘You going to try that out?”

“Yeah,” he said, “you’re supposed to be able to scan the bag and see the farm it came from.”

“Hm, sounds cool.”

Simon just stopped by. “Those cards seem to be working,” he said.

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