GeoMotion Story Stream

Hey, GeoMotion Story Stream is here!

Story Stream transforms a specialty product like coffee or chocolate into a “gateway” to social media content.

You can get the full story on that fine coffee in your cup. You can get to know the people who produced it, find out about their community.

Check it out: scan the barcode in the image above with your mobile phone’s barcode app.

GeoMotion provides the StoryStream machinery to create and maintain the feeds, as well as the production and supply chain bits required to keep it credible.

Our current direction grew out of 10 years of experience with Starbucks, working with specialty coffee supply chains from 20 origin countries.  We worked with the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange to introduce traceability without compromising the exchange.  We worked with Rwanda to isolate a difficult coffee disease (PTD).  We supported Starbucks’ Reserve program, providing traceability for some 80 procurements from 20 origins.   We created an interactive table prototype for them that responded to  the individual cup.  We fed Starbuck’s table with video content that we contracted and produced from 10 different producers in 10 origin countries around the globe.

Each step brought us closer to the “last mile”–to the consumer at the point of sale.

Now, with GeoMotion Story Stream, we’re ready to “cross the counter” and create a full end-to-end connection from producer to consumer. It’s not just a “brochure” — this is a live social media feed.

For GeoMotion, the texture of local culture is important.  We started with the idea of building tech that could turn local culture into an asset, and avoid some of the “bleaching”–the cultural homogenization that seems to follow in the wake of commodity globalization.

Calling something a “specialty food” means by definition that the identity of the producer is important. Story Stream makes this tangible.

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