First Mile: High Tech for Rural Farmers

GeoCertify has created private accounts for some 30,000 rural coffee farmers over the past several years.  Farmers can get to these accounts using a mobile phone to review transactions.  These private farmer accounts are a critical part of the “first mile” in our 2018 Coffee Traceability Program.

We’ve learned several important lessons in pushing GeoCertify back to this all-important “first mile.”  This series of posts on the “First Mile” will explore some of the issues we’ve encountered and how they’ve shaped our solutions.

The main topics in this series:

  • The importance of farmer accounts–this may seem obvious, but doesn’t always happen;
  • Handling a technology growth curve at the first mile–solutions that work today and migrate into the future;
  • Tuning technology–a look at the pace and complexity of “first-mile” coffee;
  • Capital flight–both human and economic:  a look at the problem of harnessing technology to build sustainability and actually help farmers;

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