The Coffee League Podcast

Coffee League host Dennis Raimondi

26 APR 18  GeoCertify was featured on The Coffee League last week.  Dennis Raimondi, well-known host of The Coffee League podcast, interviewed GeoCertify founder Matthew Hodges.

The conversation covers a range of issues in the global coffee markets:

  • GeoCertify’s solution for the ECX (Ethiopia Commodity Exchange), where GeoCertify traced over a quarter million bags of coffee;
  • GeoCertify’s traceability solution for Starbucks Reserve Roastery;
  • Starbucks Reserve as a “growth factor” in the specialty coffee market;
  • Nestlé, JAB, and others entering the market;
  • Direct Trade, traceability, and how to maintain credibility in an expanding specialty market;
  • Specialty coffee as a factor in sustaining small-scale farming;
  • the role of traceability in the face of global warming and the expanding global appetite for high-grade specialty coffee.

Check out the full interview at The Coffee League: GeoCertify.

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