GeoCertify Peer-to-Peer Sharing

GeoCertify’s Integrated Supply Chain provides a shared data resource for products moving from origin to final consumer.  Agents along the supply chain contribute data and draw from this shared cloud-based repository.

The Integrated Supply Chain is unmatched for end-to-end traceability; it opens up a credible connection from producer to consumer in real time.  It supports major improvements in supply chain efficiency, risk management, and identity and brand development.

A key issue in a global supply chain is data sovereignty.  Data has value, and governments of origin nations consider aggregated production data to be of strategic interest; they have an interest in controlling access to this data.

To support this requirement, GeoCertify has engineered its Integrated Supply Chain using a distributed model.

This means segregated repositories can be used to store sovereign data.  Repositories share data with one another as peers, according to well-defined policies.

This is where blockchain provides authentication—whenever peers share data, authentication is a requirement.  GeoCertify has developed unique methods for peer-to-peer data sharing via blockchain.

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