2018 Rwandan Coffee Traceability

GeoCertify is teaming up with our friends at BufCoffee and Misozi for the 2018 Rwanda Coffee Farmer Traceability Project.

We’ll be tracing coffee from independent coffee farmers in Rwanda through the supply chain to specialty cafés and retailers around the world.

BufCoffee was one of the first coffee washing stations to start in Rwanda after the war and genocide of 1994.  (A washing station is where the coffee cherry is milled and the beans are cleaned through controlled fermentation—the first stage of processing for “washed” coffees.)

My first visit was in 2004—BufCoffee was the first coffee we roasted under our Peace River Coffee brand in 2009.  We created a virtual tour of BufCoffee’s first washing station with 360-degree immersive images and embedded video of Epiphanie Mukashyaka, founder and driving force of BufCoffee.  That was all before Google Earth and virtual reality goggles.

We called that first coffee “Epiphanie,” and we’ve never roasted anything better.

Today BufCoffee has an export office in Kigali and provides support for half a dozen coffee washing stations in different parts of Rwanda.

BufCoffee washing stations support over 3000 small-holding independent farmers, and provide coffee to the finest specialty coffee roasters in the world.

Our Coffee Farmer Traceability Project is setting up private accounts for each of the BufCoffee farms to help them track their production and sales.  We’ll trace their coffee through the supply chain all the way to the final consumer in a café.

Our goal is to give the farmers identity and make a connection between the growers and the consumers.

The project is already launched with accounts set up for the BufCoffee organization and the first 1000 farmers from 3 of the washing stations.

Stay tuned!  We’ll be publishing a series of posts as this project unfolds in the coming months.


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